Top Accounting Firms in Switzerland

October 25, 2021 by Admin

Whether you are a private individual or running a large-scale company, finding the top accounting firms in Switzerland is integral to your ability to weather any financial storm. Having the right accountants onboard allows you the luxury of focusing on the business rather than the finances. We’re going to show the best accounting companies based in Switzerland. These companies are taking a number of innovative approaches to the accounting industry, and are certainly well worth checking out if you are looking for well-known and/or reputable accounting firms to meet your needs.

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A prominent company that delivers a whole manner of accounting services to cover businesses and industries, and is considered one of the “Big Four” accounting services in the world. A company whose reputation precedes itself and has been considered one of the greatest accounting services across the planet. Providing a wide range of services, Deloitte is a firm that has helped countless companies over the years improve their accounting.


Focusing on progressive, customer-centric services for a wide variety of industries, including real estate, health care, and the public sector, PwC has a number of locations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. PwC focuses on helping clients create the value they’re looking for, by delivering quality in assurance, tax, and advisory services so professionals and individuals can benefit from PwC’s detailed approach.


One of EY’s strengths in the modern world is helping companies deal with the New Normal. EY, based in Zürich, provides services for a wide variety of companies, from start-up businesses to Fortune 500 companies within industries as diverse as automotive, government, real estate, technology, and telecommunications. EY, more commonly known as Ernst & Young, is one of the biggest names in the world of accounting.


Zürich based BDO is considered to be hovering just outside the “Big Four” accounting firms but is part of a major international network of public accounting, tax and advisory firms. BDO has been going strong for over 50 years, primarily due to its ability to adapt to changes in regulation and globalisation and a client-focused approach that has made it a company that will soon be considered as part of the pantheon of the big accounting firms very soon.

Rawlinson & Hunter

Rawlinson & Hunter, founded in 1933 as a firm of Chartered Accountants provides tailored services to high net worth individuals and families. Rawlinson & Hunter cover a wide number of disciplines, including corporate out-sourcing, charity and fund administration, and complex multi-jurisdictional tax planning. Their approach aims to support their clients’ entrepreneurial spirit and to maximise the benefits of wealth. This firm is customer and client-focused, and its long-term service in the world of accounting has made it one of the best accounting firms in the world.


Based in Genève, Sigtax focuses on delivering state of the art corporate services, covering a wide range of disciplines, including company formation all the way to audit and tax. Sigtax pride themselves as “a true one-stop-shop” for accounting, taxation, and corporate fiduciary services. Sigtax has gained a reputation as a company that helps Swiss entrepreneurs and businesses to focus on expansion and growth while Sigtax handles all of the accounting and back-office functions.

Diacron Group Switzerland

Established in 1995, Diacron Group Switzerland works with entrepreneurs to expand internationally, and provide a number of corporate, tax, and accounting services. Their focus is for the client to expand their foreign accounting division by analyzing and optimizing local processes. This is achieved through addressing local regulations, identifying risk areas, and periodic company site visits.


Located in Zürich, OBT AG provides comprehensive consulting services for private and public companies in fiduciary, auditing, and tax. They promote their services according to their principles of thoroughness, solid competence, and human closeness. OBT AG focuses on individual solutions to help the client develop their business.

KBT Treuhand AG

KBT Treuhand AG provides tailored services for commercial companies and provides a focus on bookkeeping, accounting, tax advice, and a wide number of financial resources. They also focus on providing day-to-day support. Based in Zürich, and operates with a number of disciplines, KBT Treuhand AG is a firm that can help so many commercial entities achieve their financial goals.

Budliger Treuhand AG

They base all of their activities and services to tailor to the diverse needs and individual requests of clients. They provide services for private individuals in Switzerland and also help companies of all sizes and disciplines. In addition to their business consulting, they also provide top-of-the-line expertise on auditing and tax advice. They also help with regards to inheritance law and accounting. They pride themselves on comprehensive support with a very individualised approach to business relationships, resulting in a great outcome for the client.


This firm’s expertise is geared towards the automotive industry. For automotive companies that are looking to get further afield, this firm has been in operation since 1952 and is very resourceful for companies that operate on a large scale as well as smaller companies such as garages. For any business that is looking to expand their reach and means a highly individual approach with expertise in the automotive industry, Figas provides top of the line accounting services.


Ferax was founded in 1989, and since its formation, it is focused on SMEs and private individuals. The partnership structure guarantees that customers are supported by the same professionals over the years, providing a comprehensive, and highly personalized approach to accounting and financial services. They believe that the partners’ breadth and depth guarantee the continuity and existence of the company. For private individuals and companies who are looking for an accounting firm that is geared towards their needs, and truly believes in putting the client first, Ferax is one of the top accounting firms in Switzerland that provides large-scale services with a more modest approach.

If you are looking for a top accounting firm in Switzerland, you have many to choose from, and while there are big named accounting firms and small ones, it’s important to choose ones that come highly recommended regardless of their stature.

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