Top Accounting Firms In Sweden

December 29, 2021 by Admin

Sweden accounting firms provide a variety of services to their clients. However, if one is looking for quick service, a fast and efficient firm, or one with a good reputation for quality work, there is really only one choice to make. One of the main benefits of working with a local Sweden accounting company is that there is simply no lag time between your order and completion. This means that you won’t have to wait weeks or months for your accounting firm to finish its work.

We have compiled a list of the best accounting companies in Sweden that can offer you the best services. With this list, you don’t have to search through several different websites but your search is coordinated in one place. With the following list of online accounting providers, you can find the best accounting firms in Sweden. Review these companies and select one that works best for your business.

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Expand U AB

Expand U AB accounting firm in Sweden is a Swedish accounting firm based in Stockholm, Sweden. The firm was established in 1995 and has grown to a multinational company with over 50 employees. The company is focused on assisting businesses and individuals in all aspects of their business, including accounting, tax, international tax, human resources, and payroll.

With a large number of small businesses in Sweden, they can help you expand your business base. If you need a global company that you can count on to help you flourish, please contact them. Expand U AB is a financing company designed to help you take your business from being a dream to a reality.

Prycis Redovisning AB

Prycis Redovisning AB is a Swedish accountancy firm located on the southern border of Sweden, in the Swedish region of Norrland. The company was established in 1996, and since then they have grown to become the leading Swedish accounting firm with more than 200 offices worldwide. They offer not just accountancy training, but also accounting consulting and advisory services.

These services are offered to small and medium-sized companies and individual investors and investors have many different ways to seek their services. The company is famous for its different services provided to the private sector including corporate and government accounts, taxation, and financial advising. To know more about them and for a free consultation, please visit their website at Prycis Redovisning AB.


Melitea is an accounting firm that specializes in accounting and financial services in Sweden. They have a powerful and experienced team of professionals who provide tax and consulting services. Their business solutions are tailored to your needs and budget. They serve all types of clients, they have been operating here in Sweden since 2005. Contact them to have a look at their service.

Founded as a small accounting firm, Melitea has developed into a business with offices all over Sweden, Europe, the US, and beyond. With Melitea leading the way in reporting, Melitea allows small and medium-sized businesses to be on a leading stage with all their accounting needs.

Grant Thornton Sweden

Grant Thornton Sweden is a full-service accounting firm with over 150 offices in Sweden and Norway. Their offices are located in Vasteras, Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo, and Oslo, so you’re never more than a few hours away. They have expertise in order to provide their services to clients from businesses of all sizes from small businesses and start-ups to large corporations.

Grant Thornton Sweden also provides services like performing tax audits and tax planning advice. The company and its Swedish offices are in Stockholm, Uppsala, and Gothenburg in Sweden. If you are the latest in the Swedish business world and you want to be well known and respected, then a career in accounting is a good idea.

Revideco AB

Revideco AB is an online accounting startup, which use cloud technology to create unique and useful accounting solutions for their clients. Revideco AB is a Swedish accounting startup with offices in Stockholm, and its innovative and unique solutions allow the company to offer specific features to its clients. They have been involved in various innovative lead generation campaigns and have been regarded as the leader in the niche field of lead generation for over a year.

They offer a number of services, including prospecting and recruitment. In the oil and gas industry, just like any other industry, there are a number of dangers associated with working alone. However, with Revideco AB you can be sure that you’re working with a company that is professionally managed and is dedicated to serving your needs.


Swedish accounting firm Deloitte is one of the en, almost professional accounting firms in Sweden they are everywhere in Sweden. They are also one of the biggest corporate auditors, and they also have multiple divisions that specialize in many different areas. Here’s a quick rundown of the five areas of accounting that Deloitte is experienced in: The Accounting and Tax Department – The Accounting and Tax Department of Deloitte handles all aspects of tax and audit.

Companies are audited by Deloitte for a background check for their financials, including taxes and the legal system. Deloitte firmly believes that using an innovative approach to accounting and tax planning, can help its clients do better, more quickly, and with greater control.


Visma is a Swedish accounting firm that boasts more than 300 years of history, experience, and expertise in its field. They have been around since 1733 and their clients include the top international companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Krones, and Commerzbank. There are two main areas of Visma’s focus, which are auditing and payroll.

If you are an independent worker or business owner in Sweden and want to work visa-free or work visa-on-arrival, you can do it with Visma Accountancy Firm. These include, but are not limited to, financial statement preparation and analysis, double-entry accounting, tax planning, legal and consulting services. So far Visma has had a notable reputation.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is one of Sweden’s largest privately held corporations. They are the largest company in the world responsible for the provision of accounting and financial guidance to international companies. They have a long history of providing accounting services in Sweden. Since the year 2000, accounting firms in Sweden have been using Grant Thornton for their books and the IT of their businesses.

For decades, Swedish firms have been using Grant Thornton for accounting and tax preparation services in Sweden. In the year 2006, Swedish accounting firms began to use Grant Thornton for tax preparation services because of their new development.

Krona Stockholm

Krona Stockholm Consulting is a Swedish accounting firm with four locations in Sweden. If you are searching for an established accounting firm in Sweden that specializes in business, tax consulting, and tax planning, this is the company for you. They offer traditional accounting, tax planning, and essential advice that can help you grow your business.

The company is a global leader and provides consulting, risk management, accounting, and tax services to businesses, financial institutions, and high net worth individuals. Krona is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in the capital markets section and is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm in the secondary market area.


BDO is the world’s leading accounting firm and one of Sweden’s largest consultancy firms. BDO is also the second-largest accounting and consulting firm in Switzerland, situated just outside of Geneva. In comparison to other Scandinavian countries (which have a smaller focus on accounting), Sweden only accounts for a tiny amount of the global market and it is still one of the largest accounting firms in Sweden.

Working in a BDO firm can be rewarding both creatively and financially. As a result, it’s no surprise that the number of employees in Sweden who work for BDO firms includes a high proportion of women. More than half of Swedish companies are run by men and fewer than 10% of the firms work by women. When working for a BDO firm, either in Sweden or abroad, you need to be aware of the cultural diversity inherent to the business.

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