Top Accounting Firms in Qatar

October 23, 2021 by Admin

If you’re a private individual or you are in charge of a large scale company, it is important to make sure that you have the right accounting firm in Qatar that will help you deal with any financial issues. Having the right accountant will guarantee that you can focus on the business rather than the finances. If you are a private individual or you are looking for an accountant to help your company, the top accounting firms in Qatar will help you have an insight into your finances and give you the headspace to focus on the work you need. Here are the top accounting firms in Qatar.

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Considered one of the “Big Four” accounting services in the world, Deloitte is a company with a massive reputation. For this simple reason alone, it has been considered one of the best accounting firms in the world. They provide a wide range of services that can help companies and individuals improve their accounting prowess. If you are looking for one of the biggest companies out there, you cannot get better than this.


This firm provides a number of specialists for Industries and entrepreneurs. For example, they provide help for real estate companies, the public sector, and healthcare businesses to achieve their goals. They do this by covering a wide variety of advisory services, including tax and assurance. Any company will benefit from the business-centric approach this company provides.


Another big name firm, more widely known as Ernst & Young, EY has helped companies to progress. They provide tailored services for companies within a wide variety of business disciplines. They don’t just help Fortune 500 companies, but they also lend a hand to small start-up businesses too. EY covers a number of industries, such as government, automotive, real estate, and technology. Considered one of the biggest firms in the world, if you are looking for a company that has a great reputation, look no further.


This global audit accounting and consulting group cover a number of firms around the world. And following prior cooperation in 2008 with Ahmed Tawfik & Co. CPA, it became Mazars Ahmed Tawfik & Co. CPA in 2011, specialising in tax and advisory services as well as audits and accounting for private firms. With a strong heritage and lineage due to its long-standing service in the world of accounting, Mazars is a very reputable firm.

PKF International

The global network of accountancy firms was founded in 1969 and is considered one of the top audit firms around the world. PKF International promises a personalised service as well as local knowledge, making it a very endearing choice for anyone looking to audit and improve their accountancy details. They focus on the global perspective and bring diversity into every aspect of their work. For businesses who are focused on a more organic and home-grown approach to looking after their accountancy services, this is the best firm for you.


BDO is considered to be a leading firm, however, it is only just outside the “Big Four” accounting firms. Providing services in a number of public tax accounting and advisory disciplines, video has been in operation for more than 50 years. Its ability to weather any storms is due to its adaptability. Altering its approach to regulation and globalisation with a client-focused approach means that while it is not part of the “Big Four,” it is still a very important accounting firm for anyone looking for top-tier service.


This collection of accounts auditors and tax consultants are focused on providing a comprehensive and agile service. With offices in over 48 countries, and clients exceeding 5,000, they think from a market perspective and work with a client to help them realise their goals. The presence is particularly felt among family businesses. They have an approach that is modest, family-oriented and comes with industry recognised awards. They pride themselves on sustainability and social responsibility meaning that for companies you want to become more progressive, this accounting firm is a great choice for those looking for something more personal.

Moore Global

Discovery deals with a number of tax matters and multinational operations. Providing resources in compliance services, and a number of International Business structures and tax planning methods, it deals with a number of professional clients and has been praised for its global outlook. Having been formed in 1907, it has evolved through a number of world wars and expanded beyond its London base making it a top accounting firm in Qatar.

Eisa Alderbasti Accounting and Auditing

Based in Doha, Eisa Alderbasti Accounting and Auditing was established in 2005 and has carved out a number of services with regard to local businesses and governance. They pride themselves on personalized attention and have been catering their services to over 1,000 customers over the last 15 years. Their unique combination of in-depth knowledge of the local business and governance as well as high-level international expertise combine a personalised services to clients with the goal of maintaining a long-term relationship, Eisa Alderbasti Accounting and Auditing deals with a number of challenges for entrepreneurs.

Aviaan Accounting

This company provides a number of key services to help businesses maintain accurate financial accounts, including bookkeeping, auditing, VAT consulting, and attestation, Aviaan Accounting is known for providing exceptional auditing service at a reasonable and affordable cost. Well-versed in employing accounting software, latest regulations, and auditing requirements, Aviaan Accounting works to verify company accounts and financial statements to help companies maintain accounts. With the introduction of VAT in Dubai, it has been extra work for companies to maintain their books. This accounting firm provides a comprehensive range of services allowing companies to focus on the business rather than the complex nature of accounting and bookkeeping.

If you are looking for some of the top accounting firms in Qatar, there are many to choose from. It’s important that you understand your needs but also get an understanding of what the firm can do for your needs. There are many accounting firms out there, and you need to make sure that you pick one that aligns with your needs.

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