Top Accounting Firms in Hong Kong

December 21, 2021 by Admin

Hong Kong accounting and consulting firms are a relatively new phenomenon, with most accounting firms having only been set up recently and sometimes only in the last few years. Here are the top accounting firms in Hong Kong that can provide you with professional accounting services. Due to their years of experience and the success of numerous projects, these companies are known for delivering exceptional results. Our company has put together a list of the best accounting companies in Hong Kong that can offer you the best services. With this list, you do not have to search through several different websites, but your search is coordinated in one place. Finding the best accounting firms in Hong Kong is easier with the following list of online accounting providers. Review these companies and select the best for your business.

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Mazars Hong Kong

Mazars Hong Kong Accountancy Firms are expert international accounting firms providing worldwide services. Mazars Hong Kong Accountancy Firms is a business consultancy firm, with a focus on offering audit, tax and assurance services throughout Hong Kong and Asia. The company has subsidiaries and branches in Australia, Canada, China, Taiwan, UAE, and Hong Kong. Mazars Hong Kong Accountancy Firms specializes in providing business tax, assurance, and audit services to clients around the world, who seek to comply with the highest international standards of professional and ethical conduct. Mazars Hong Kong Company offers an array of financial services to both domestic and international clients. Accurate and efficient accounting is a top priority when it comes to business.

Kenneth Chau & Co

Kenneth Chau and Co. is a Hong Kong accounting firm, with a headquarters in Hong Kong, as well as local offices in Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai, China. The firm specializes in the accounting industry and has particular expertise in the gaming industry. The firm is one of the most profitable accounting firms in the gaming industry due to its expertise and experience.

Kenneth Chau is an accounting firm and one of the major accounting firms in Hong Kong. They offer a wide range of services, ranging from tax returns, Inventory Accounting and Revenue Recognition, Offsetting Accounting, to CPA, CLU, CFA, and CELP.

Lawrence Cheung CPA

Lawrence Cheung C.P.A. Company Limited (LCCPA) is a professional accounting firm registered with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants under the Professional Accountants Ordinance. LCCPA is a leading firm of certified public accountants (CPA) and business advisers that delivers an integrated range of services with a commitment to excellence across all areas of practice.

In the last few years, the financial industry in Hong Kong has been undergoing rapid change. Bank lending activity, in particular, has soared, making Hong Kong one of the top financial centers for investment and international trade. This rapid growth has resulted in a huge increase in the number of accounting firms in Hong Kong, and the demand for quality professional accounting services and advice from corporate accountants is growing rapidly.

HKWJ Tax Law

It is a fact that we will all have to pay taxes in the future. As Hong Kong and Mainland China are emerging markets, sophisticated tax advice has become increasingly in demand to avoid (corporate) income tax in Hong Kong and elsewhere. To be eligible for tax clearance in Hong Kong, an accountant must be registered and regulated under the HKWJ themselves. HKWJ registration and regulation is the process whereby an accountant is registered and licensed to practice their profession in Hong Kong.

Fast Lane

Fast lane is a leading Hong Kong-based accounting Firm, specializing in the eCommerce industry. They offer high-quality packaging and strong digital marketing services for up to a hundred thousand traffic a month. All of their clients benefit from their two-way marketing services including Google ads, Facebook ad, and link building.

Fast lane is a professional accounting firm in Hong Kong. We are looking for innovative, driven, and eager young candidates to join our growing team. Fast lane helps individuals and businesses grow with a focus on Entrepreneurial firsts, Creative and Impeccable teamwork.

Shine Wing

Shine Wing HK is a leading accounting firm in Hong Kong with a strong track record of sound business practices and a comprehensive portfolio of services. Shine Wing provides Hong Kong Accounting firms with a range of accounting, tax, and auditing services. The company provides services in the areas of Corporate Services, Financial Services, Tax Services, and Legal Services and also has its own in-house Software Development and Solutions department, which delivers quality end-to-end accounting services with innovative and effective solutions.

Buttar Associates

Buttar Associates is a Hong Kong accounting firm that provides auditing, tax planning, and consulting services. They are an actively growing quality service-based accounting firm with over twenty years of experience in Hong Kong and overseas. Serving clients through our network of offices across Asia, Buttar Associates is a fully bonded and licensed accounting firm that is ranked on the Fortune one thousand lists of largest publicly listed accounting firms and is a member of the Asia Financial Network (AFN).

Asian Corporate Services

Asian Corporate Services Hong Kong – ACCOUNTING FIRMS. From small accounting firms to large multinational corporations, Asian Corporate Services Hong Kong can assist you with your accounting and financial planning needs. Free account-opening information and consultation services. If you’re looking for an Asian corporate services company in Hong Kong, there are plenty of options. You can choose from the best accounting companies, professional services firms, or government-linked corporations. As a Hong Kong corporate services company, you could be handling the accounting, tax, or legal aspects of your business.

Crowe Horwath

Crowe Horwath is one of the leading accounting firms in Hong Kong and also one of the biggest investment accounting firms in the world. Since 1986, Crowe Horwath has played a pivotal role in strengthening the competitiveness and growth of Hong Kong. It has been involved in numerous projects and the firm has an excellent reputation for its success. Crowe Horwath, Hong Kong is a fully integrated accounting firm focused on providing a full range of accounting and financial services to businesses, government, and financial institutions. They are part of the Crowe Horwath international network, a worldwide network of more than 400 full-service accounting & financial advice firms with offices in over 100 cities worldwide.

HLB Hodgson Impey

HLB Hodgson Impey Hong Kong is an accounting firm that provides Tax Advisory, Management, and Consultancy Services. HLB Hodgson Impey offers a range of services including tax planning and compliance, tax planning, inspection and compliance, GST management and execution, and other tax advising services. It also has a wide range of specialists including accountants, tax advisors, and tax consultants. HLB Hodgson Impey offers an online portal for other services such as preparing and signing tax returns, entering into contract accounts, obtaining an accountant to prepare accounts, and filing/submitting.

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