Top Accounting Firms in Germany

October 21, 2021 by Admin

The German economy is a world leader in the fields of manufacturing, engineering, and accounting. With a solid corporate culture and an extremely skilled workforce, Germany is home to some of the best accounting firms for international business.

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With over 350 offices across Europe and Asia-Pacific, these firms provide accounting, auditing, tax planning, and advisory services to many companies. The global market for audit and accountancy has been flourishing, and more opportunities have been increasing for professionals like accountants. Below is a list of the top six accounting firms in Germany.


Deloitte is one of the largest accounting firms in Germany. Deloitte is a well-established firm that has been in the market for over 30 years. With over 6,000 workers in all locations, it is one of the top accounting firms, providing audit, tax, consulting, and advisory services to some of the biggest brands in the world. This company has played an essential part in shaping the German business landscape. Many German companies have turned to Deloitte to help them grow and succeed.

Deloitte’s presence in Germany is centered on Frankfurt, where the firm operates more than a dozen offices. Deloitte embraces a culture of innovation that allows it to help companies develop a robust international presence. The firm also supports its employees with a full range of professional development programs.

Deloitte’s focus on innovation is a critical element in its success. The firm regularly holds conferences to help educate accountants and inform workers about new financial trends and technological tools, which help them provide better services to their clients.


PWC is a global network of professional firms that offers services in many areas, including audit, tax, and legal. The company’s German operations focus on providing a full range of financial advisory services to large international companies. It specializes in advising clients on corporate finance and how to grow their global presence through mergers and acquisitions.

PwC also focuses heavily on developing young talent by providing its employees with several professional development programs. It has a young, international workforce and a clear focus on delivering a high level of service to its clients.

PwC also has an excellent foundation for growth in the market. The firm’s market analysis shows that many companies look for providers with solid international relationships and robust financial infrastructure. In recent years, PwC has expanded its operations in Germany and grown its team outside of Europe.

Ernst & Young

EY GmbH, commonly known as Ernst & Young, is a multinational corporation that specializes in audit and accountancy. The company employs over 7,000 people in Germany and has offices in every major city. It is deeply connected to the market and has developed a vast network of clients and connections to help it grow further.

The network of relationships available through Ernst & Young is a crucial factor in its success. The firm offers one-stop shopping to its clients by handling all aspects of their financial operations under one roof. The company’s services include consulting, tax, financial accounting, and a wide variety of other practices.

Ernst & Young has an excellent track record of providing top-notch service to its clients. The firm itself is recognized as one of the best accounting firms in the world. It has held many awards for innovation and continues to expand its reach around the globe.


BDO is one of the world’s biggest accounting firms, with operations in over 130 countries. Its German office is in Munich. The company offers a wide variety of services, including audit, tax, consulting, corporate finance, and forensic accounting.

It has a significant international presence and is recognized as one of the leading firms in Germany for both large national companies and smaller, family-owned businesses. BDO has an excellent reputation in Germany for being very customer-focused, which helps them generate strong relationships with their clients.

The firm relies heavily on providing excellent service to its clients, which is reflected in its high level of client retention rates. The company has many clients that have been with BDO for decades, which speaks volumes to the firm’s ability to provide excellent service.

Mazars Germany

Mazars Germany provides accounting, auditing, and consulting services. This company is one of the largest accounting firms in Germany, with operations in over 30 countries. It specializes in providing innovative solutions to small business owners, which are often too small to attract the attention of more prominent accountants.

Mazars Germany has developed strong relationships with many of its clients, which has helped it expand its client base. Mazars came into the market in 1945 and has grown into a top international firm with operations around the globe. Mazars focuses heavily on the needs of small businesses in Germany.

It has developed strong relationships with these firms by giving them personalized attention and developing specialized products to help them succeed. The firm’s regional offices are much more accessible than larger international firms, which helps to increase the number of German companies that use Mazars’ services.

New Horizons Global Partners

New Horizons Global Partners is a high-end consulting firm that provides services ranging from forensic accounting to acquisitions and mergers. Since the company was founded, it has developed a strong reputation in the market.

New Horizons Global Partners focuses on giving back to the community and hosts conferences and seminars that educate accountants and provide them with further insight into the business world. The firm has an excellent foundation for success and will probably continue to expand its reach in Germany and abroad.

Summing Up

Many accounting firms focus on providing services for small, mid-sized, and large businesses throughout Germany. These firms offer a variety of different services such as tax, audit, and consulting. These companies also vary in size and focus, depending on the clients they serve.

The best accounting firms in Germany range from large international corporations to smaller firms that provide specialized services to their clients. This variety allows them to prosper over time and develop strong relationships with their clients. This list is not comprehensive and may change over time as companies grow and move locations to take advantage of new opportunities.

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