Top Accounting Firms in Dubai

October 20, 2021 by Admin

Accounting in Dubai is nothing new. It’s been the hotbed of investment for over 30 years in the Middle East. it’s skyscrapers draw every walk of life into their plush offices, apartments and penthouses. The lifestyle in Dubai has also attracted the wealthy, who require specific accounting services. Whether this is for investments, large purchases or extravagant holidays, they require the best accounting firms in Dubai to settle and handle their financial affairs. This is why we have looked at the top accounting firms in the jewel of the Middle East, so you can explore which firm would be best suited to your needs.

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Accely INC.

Founded in 2001, Accely INC has been in business for about two decades, helping businesses in technology, real estate and E-commerce facilitate their transactions. They are a medium sized business, with between 250 – 999 employees. At the moment, their minimum average price for an accounting or other type of service is about $25,000. This will include their high-value solutions which are used to deliver a rapid return on investment. Project execution and problem-solving is what allows them to establish themselves as a very trusted and reputable accounting service firm. By no means are they a specialist in one particular accounting area, they have a breadth of knowledge and experience.

Ethics Plus Public Accountants

When it comes to accounting, consistency is their key. A high attention to detail, brave enough to ask important questions to clients and develop a financial strategy to organize your finances, is what they bring to the table. They have been dealing with auditing services of all kinds, so they can work with your internal audit team as well as your financial department, or even with an external auditor you have hired to look into your finances as a business. They have about two decades of experience, which for a young city like Dubai, means they have been around since the beginning.

Kudos PRS Chartered Accountants

Another accounting firm that has a history in working with external auditors. As you can see, a lot of the accounting services in Dubai are geared more towards businesses and investments. They have been around since 2009, but have created a great reputation for working with external auditors, CFOs, forensic audit teams, bookkeeping and legal and compliance needs. They are a firm of chartered accountants, giving them a great reputation as the practice of chartered accountants emanates from the United Kingdom, arguably the best when it comes to financial organization. They have a small but highly specialized team between 10-49 accountants.

ebs Chartered Accountants

They have a history of working with the Big Four accounting firms, making their type of services accessible to businesses around the city. No matter if you are a micro, small or large business, they can help you get your finances in order. Once again, auditing is by far the most popular service they offer. But bookkeeping and taxation matters are also in their repertoire. Because they have a lot of experience working with and among the top accounting firms in the world, they are held in high esteem among corporations and investment firms in Dubai.

Farahat & Co.

They offer accounting services pertaining to audit. Audit is something that every business that is large enough or working in a highly regulated industry, needs to have done. So, businesses often need an accounting service such as this, to look into their books, investigate their monthly profits and losses, as well as shine a light onto any unwarranted financial practices. They have been around since 1985, and have been playing a key role in helping businesses set up their internal audit reporting methods and be a dispute support among companies. They have a professional approach in their consulting service as well, giving advice to businesses that may need to redesign their internal CFO office or pertaining to legal matters of a financial kind.

Confidant Global

An accounting firm designed to help corporations meet their auditing and fiduciary responsibilities. They have been around since 2009, operating as a small but skilled team of between 10-49 accountants. Once again they provide auditing services, which is something that you should be used to seeing by now. They also offer offshore bank account assistance which is something that investment firms and private investors may want to look into. They also work with the citizenship for investment scheme that allows investors in the city and country to become 10-year residents.

CDA Accounting And Bookkeeping Services LLC

A new accounting firm, set up in 2015, has been working with lots of different businesses. They offer the usual auditing services, bookkeeping, acting as a CFO advisor, helping VAT matters as well as payroll. They have been working with lots of different clients, mainly from America as they are IFRS-certified. Auditing is their bread and butter, but working with CFOs is also a great service they offer. This can help businesses that might be expanding, needing to give their CFO extra help to make sure financial matters are taken care of during an exciting but unchartered time in the history of a brand. They also work as business consultants, which is something small businesses might require when looking to enter into Dubai.

Intuit Management Consultancy (IMC Group)

They have been in the country and or city since about 1979, so they are the oldest on this list. They are one of the foremost known tax advisory services, which is something businesses and residents of the city would find useful. They also help in tax structuring, so your business can pay as much tax as is required legally, while avoiding tax traps. They are also a cross-border advisory group, so if you are a business that is operating in Asia, Middle East or Africa and want to expand into other continents in that list, they offer you specific advisory services in doing so.

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