Top Accounting Firms in Canada

October 15, 2021 by Admin

Canada’s accounting industry is very strong. You’ll find thousands of accounting firms across the country. But just what are some of the top accounting firms in Canada? This post compiles a list of some of the biggest and best.

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Deloitte is the biggest accounting firm in the world. The firm comes top of the list in terms of revenue and reputation in almost every country. It’s global revenue is thought to be close to $50 billion.

The firm’s Canadian headquarters is located in Toronto. Deloitte owns a total of 55 office locations across the country and currently hires 8,135 Canadian employees.

Deloitte serves some of the biggest companies across Canada. In fact, it focuses largely on bigger contracts. The firm recently acquired Groundswell Group Inc. to enhance their AI and cloud technology. They have also done a lot to promote workplace inclusivity in Canada in recent years.


KPMG is the second biggest accounting firm in Canada and one of the top four in the world. It’s annual revenue is $1.32 billion.

Headquartered in Toronto, KPMG Canada operates over 40 locations across the country. Over 8,000 Canadian employers are hired by the firm.

KPMG’s services include tax, audits and financial advice. The firm has won many awards over the years including Canada’s Best Diversity Employer in 2018. As with Deloitte, KPMG tends to chase the larger clients rather than serving smaller businesses.

WTC Chartered Professional Accountant

WTC Chartered Professional Accountant is a CPA firm that provides accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and advisory services. It is ranked as one of the top accounting firms in Canada, servicing both personal and business clients across the country. The firm is registered with Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario and is best known for its strategies to help clients with tax optimization. WTC Chartered Professional Accountant has a diverse client base of closely held businesses, high net worth individuals, sole proprietors, trusts and estates. The firm has a growing roster of emerging and mid-market companies.


PwC is another international accounting firm with a major presence in Canada. Its annual revenue is just behind that of KPMG at $1.29 billion.

The firm has 6,700 partners across Canada. 26 offices can be located across the country with a head office located in Toronto.

PwC offers a range of services and caters to a variety of industries. They are currently heavily invested in a strategy that they call ‘The New Equation’, which involves financially preparing businesses for a range of disasters such as climate change and technological disruption.

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young (EY) is the fourth member of the accounting ‘big four’ alongside Deloitte, KPMG and PwC. The firm boasts a revenue of $1.11 billion.

Like the other ‘big four’ accounting firms, Ernst & Young has its headquarters in Toronto. Just under 6,000 Canadian employees work for the firm across 16 locations.

Ernst & Young provides a variety of services including tax, assurance, and consulting. They like to celebrate local businesses across Canada with their Entrepreneur of the Year program and are very invested in using modern technology.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton comes fifth when it comes to top accounting firms in Canada. The international accounting firm boasts a revenue of $597 million. It is often seen as a contender by ‘big four’ firms.

Grant Thornton’s Canadian workforce consists of about 4,000 employees. The firm owns many offices across Canada with a headquarters located in Toronto.

Grant Thornton offers advice, assurance and tax services to a range of industries. In recent years, Grant Thornton has focused more on serving mid-range companies as opposed to securing contracts with larger companies – most of which have already been snatched up by ‘big four’ firms.


MNP is the largest accounting firm wholly founded in Canada. The firm was established in 1945 in Winnipeg. It has since grown into a nationwide firm, dedicated to serving businesses at all levels.

Roughly 4,000 staff are employed by MNP across its multiple offices throughout Canada. It is even known to have bought several offices off of Deloitte in the past. The company has its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.

MNP has been awarded the Best Employer in Canada ten years in a row. Its services cater to a range of industries and include tax, audits and financial advice.

BDO Canada

BDO Canada was founded in 1921 in Winnipeg as a subsidiary of European major accounting firm BDO. It has grown to become a huge firm across Canada with over 100 locations.

The firm has 2,200 Canadian employees across its multiple offices. It’s national headquarters is now located in Toronto.

BDO Canada offers a range of services including assurance and tax. It is a big advocate of cloud accounting and works with many medium and small companies as well as some very large Canadian companies.


Smythe prides itself in being a socially responsible boutique accounting firm. Its services include tax, assurance and general accounting.

Smythe’s headquarters is located in Vancouver. The firm has other offices in Langley and Nanaimo and employs over 200 staff and partners across its multiple locations.

The firm has experience working with companies from a range of industries including everything from mining to real estate. Smythe are happy to serve customers of all sizes including small local businesses and larger Canadian companies.

Manning Elliott

Manning Elliott was founded in 1952. It is one of the most well-respected firms in British Columbia.

The firm values a closely-knit company culture and has a workforce made up of 150 employees. The company has offices across Canada in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Abbotsford.

Manning Elliott has experience serving clients in a wide range of industries. The company also serves various different-sized companies. Various awards have been given to the company over the years. The firm continues to go from strength to strength and is definitely a firm to watch.

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