New Reverse Charge Rules For Construction Industry

The new reverse charge rules for the construction industry were put into place on 1st March 2021. For the construction industry and construction businesses, no matter the size, it is an important change. Understanding what it is and how it can impact your construction business, as well as understanding how it could impact the cash flow of your construction business is important.

Why did the rules change?

The change to the VAT reverse charge rules was brought about because HMRC has evidence that the construction industry is one that is susceptible to fraud. The main area that the new reverse charge rules are set to prevent is missing trader fraud. This is where a subcontractor charges VAT to their clients, but then it disappears after some time of trading. The result of this, and the main reason for the rule change, is that HMRC loses out on the VAT that should be owed from the subcontractor.

By implementing the VAT reverse charge rules from 1st March 2021, it aims to restrict this kind of fraud. Through this, a reverse charge has been put in place. That means that the reporting and the payment of the VAT goes to the client, rather than the subcontractor.

What were the old VAT rules for the construction industry?

Prior to March 2021, the old VAT rules were similar to that of any supply chain. As an example, if the invoice from the construction business subcontractor was for £2,000 plus £400 VAT, then the contractor would be paying £2400 to the construction business subcontractor. Under the new rules, HMRC could be potentially missing out on the £400 VAT payment if the subcontractor was found to be fraudulent or a missing trader.

For the subcontractor completing a VAT return, they would include the amount of VAT, £400, and this would be paid to HMRC. The contractor would have included the amount of VAT, £400, in their VAT return, and as long as there were no other transactions to include, would then reclaim the £400 from HMRC. When put like this, you can see why the new VAT reverse charge rules for the construction industry were put into place by HMRC.

What are the potential problems with the VAT reverse charge for construction businesses?

As with anything that changes, there are likely to be some issues. One of the first potential problems is simply an admin problem. A lot of invoicing and accounting software should be able to deal with the new changes since March 2021, but there could be some teething errors. As there has been the introduction of Making Tax Digital, the majority of VAT registered businesses will be already using software for this. The HMRC example of what should now be on the invoice is:

  • Reverse charge: VAT Act 1994 Section 55A applies

One of the other potential issues with the reverse charge rules is that it could create a cash flow problem for many in the construction industry. This is because construction businesses won’t be able to use the VAT that has been received from their customers to use as working capital. As a result, this has the potential impact of many construction businesses working on tight margins which can be difficult when materials need to be bought up-front, for example.

In the past, an invoice could be sent out for £5,000 + VAT. This money will then be paid by the customer in full. The payment and the VAT could have been used as a source of capital until the VAT needed to be paid. Since March 2021, there won’t be any additional VAT from customers for subcontractors to use as capital, therefore reducing the available cash flow.

Monthly VAT returns

There might be some subcontractors who find themselves in the position of not having to charge any VAT on the majority of their invoices. This means that they could become repayment traders. What a repayment trader is, is someone who will receive repayment from HMRC on their VAT returns, typically.

Repayments on VAT could come as a result of the new reverse charge rules. That is why it will be recommended for some construction businesses that apply to move to file their VAT monthly. This will speed up repayments that are due from HMRC and could help with cash flow.

VAT reverse charge and other VAT schemes

The new reverse charge rules for the construction industry will impact some other VAT schemes. Any construction businesses on a Flat Rate Scheme or using something like Cash Accounting, may no longer be beneficial as a result of the new reverse charge rules.

VAT changes for the construction industry

There is no doubt that fraud and in this case, missing trader fraud, is a big problem for HMRC. Through the implementation of these VAT changes in the construction industry, it definitely will help with this problem.  What needs to be considered is that the consequences of poor cash flow for smaller businesses could lead to big problems if not accounted for or dealt with well. If this could be a potential issue for your construction business, then you need to think about what options you have. There are options for you, such as:

  • Check what VAT scheme you are on. For example, a Flat Rate is a VAT scheme that is unlikely to be favorable as a result of the new VAT reverse charge rules for the construction industry
  • Ensuring higher payments from customers by changing to gross status, rather than remaining as net subcontractor status
  • Talking about payment terms with your customers so you know what will be paid and when
  • Considering changing your VAT returns to monthly VAT returns if the business can become a repayment trader, to improve cash flow
  • Choosing to delay your capital expenditure until next year, when their overall impact on your business cash flow will be better understood

Further Information

For some more information on the new reverse charge rules for the construction industry, you can see the official.

What Are Preference Shares?

Most shares issued by companies are ordinary shares, but they are just one of the different types of shares available. Preference shares, sometimes also called ‘preferred shares’ or just ‘prefs’, can also be useful both to investors and the companies issuing them.

In this article, we look at the core features of preference shares, additional components that might be attached to them, and the advantages and disadvantages of preference shares to both investors and companies looking to raise capital.

Preference shares carry two preferred rights over other classes of shares:

A preferential right to dividends

Dividends on preference shares tend to be at a fixed level set in advance, unlike the variable (or often no) dividend payable on ordinary shares. Usually paid twice a year, preference share dividends must be paid out in full before any dividend can be paid on ordinary shares. However, it’s still possible preference shares will not receive a dividend in any year, as profits must exist from which to pay.

A preferential right to repayment of capital

If the company is wound up, preference shareholders are entitled to be repaid their capital contribution before ordinary shareholders receive anything. Like ordinary shares, however, preference shareholders will only be paid once other creditors have been paid in full.

Preference shares generally do not carry voting rights, which may limit their appeal. Usually, they can only vote in specific, extraordinary circumstances – for example, if a proposed change would affect the rights of the preference shareholders or if dividends due on preference shares remain paid.

Preference shares – a mix between ordinary shares and corporate debt

A preference share is sometimes described as a hybrid between an ordinary share and corporate debt, with some features of each.

Preference shares have the following features in common with ordinary shares:

  • They are perpetual shares, with (usually) no requirement for the company to repay the amount invested during its lifetime. It is only on liquidation that a company has an obligation to return capital to shareholders.
  • Like other types of shares, a company allots new shares that may then be transferred from one holder to another.
  • Dividends can only be paid out of distributable profits.
  • Dividends are not deductible as an expense when working out the company’s tax liability.
  • Dividend payment is not obligatory. The directors of the company typically have discretion over whether a dividend should be paid or to reinvest profits into the business.
  • They do not create any charge over the assets of the company.
  • They sit below all secured and unsecured creditors, and only rank for repayment ahead of ordinary shareholders.

At the same time, preference shares have some features in common with corporate debt instruments:

  • They carry a fixed rate of dividend, like the interest payment on corporate debt.
  • They do not carry the right to vote.
  • They rank ahead of ordinary shareholders for the return of capital in any liquidation event.

With this combination of features, in principle, a preference share will potentially achieve higher rewards but with higher risk than a debt instrument of the same company but lower rewards at lower risk than the company’s ordinary shares.

Features that may apply to preference shares

There are many additional features that can be added, individually or in combination, to preference shares. These may make them more attractive to potential shareholders or the company issuing them. The exact nature and any features of an issue of preference shares should be set out in the company’s articles of association.

Top Accounting Firms In Spain

In Spain, you can find a wide variety of accounting firms. Some people will choose a specific firm to save time and money, while some will stick with the same accountant all their life. However, one firm stands out as the best option for small businesses: an accounting firm that specializes in small businesses. There are a lot of great accounting firms in Spain, many within the same city.

The area where they all gather is partly due to the fact that they are all located in areas dominated by large, wealthy residents and businesses. If you want to start your own small business, then you should choose a small accounting firm in Spain that will look after all your accounting needs.  We have compiled a list of the best accounting firms in Spain. Review these companies and select the one that best fits your business.

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Akcion is a well-established and popular Spanish accounting company, one of the best in its field. Join them as they take a look at the company, its history and find out what you need to know to start your career there. They are profitable small businesses very quickly. The business started in just 2 months and they are now serving the most demanding customers from Spain. Their success is due to the service they offer.

They offer a fast, professional, and effective accounting system that users can count on. Their software has a complete set of features, which allows them to handle your account in all possible situations. They also have a professional English support team, which helps you with any problems which may arise. They offer similar services to other major accounting firms in Spain such as Deloitte, PwC, and companies like Xeco as well.

Capital Auditores

Capital Auditores is an analytical Spanish accounting firm in Madrid. The company is one of the few Accounting Firms In Spain the country that have a branch in the most important financial markets, such as those of the Madrid Stock Exchange or the Spanish Euro Fuze Market. Capital Auditores has been operating in Spain for over 30 years. This financial services firm has very good expertise in fiscal legislation, analysis, and in-depth research.

Capital accountancy firms have to have the specialized technical knowledge to perform their specialized functions. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work for a company that is constantly audited? In many cases, this is not an issue, but in some instances, it brings up some serious issues. In Spain, there are a lot of companies that are audited by Capital Auditores – Accounting Firms In Spain that perform asset management audits.

Assessoria Tax Barcelona

Assessoria tax Barcelona is a leading tax and accounting firm. They offer Tax Advisory Services in Spain, both on a consultancy basis and as a part of a transaction. Typically they advise their clients on their client’s material affairs. Assessoria Tax Barcelona professional advisory firm has collaborated with leading professionals in the tax and accounting field for over 30 years.

They help businesses and individuals with business issues regarding taxes, accounting, and bookkeeping. They also offer tax advisors and tax lawyers. They specialize in providing high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient consultancy for all your accounting needs. The requirements are a high level of proficiency in Spanish and English, knowledge of sources and methods of tax analysis, and refusal to accept any kind of irregularity.

Uhy Fay & Co

Uhy Fay & Co is the leading accounting firm in Spain. They offer accounting and tax services in Spain. The company has been operating in Spain since 1999 and has profited from current account and VAT accounting services, VAT management and related services, tax advice and consultancy, tax returns preparation.

This website aims to provide Web-Based Accounting and Finance Services to both small and large businesses. They want to provide you with the information you need so that you can do your own accounting, budgeting, and tax planning. Their advisors will provide you with the information you need for all your accounting, budgeting, and tax planning needs. This will be your source for all the information and service that you need.

Bove Montero Asociados

Bove Montero Asociados are fully certified and authorized accounting firms in Spain. Bove Montero Asociados has been in business for more than 50 years, providing a wide range of services for international businesses and domestic clients. The firm is specialized in financial, tax, and legal services. Their interest in accounting firm distribution extends beyond the Spanish market, however.

The company has access to global retail distribution networks, which enable them to offer same-day delivery worldwide. Montero, who at the time was a consultant in international accounting and tax management, with his brother-in-law, Manuel Montero Garcia. The company’s main offices are in Madrid, which is where most of its clients reside. There are several tax consultancy firms in Spain that offer in-depth tax advice and can assist you with your business and personal affairs.

Ilia Consultoria

Ilia Consultoria is the leading accounting firm in Spain with a great history of providing clients with efficient and innovative services. With many years of experience, they have observed the evolution of accounting over the years and have been ahead with good practices. They offer services in Accounting, Taxation, and Investigations.  They are specialized in Business Consulting and informatics. Many companies use Ilia Consultoria as a consulting client.

Ilia is an international company that has been established in Spain in 1995. You probably don’t want to hire an accounting firm for your small business without knowing exactly what services they offer. You should also make sure that an accounting firm can offer you the service you need in a way that is convenient and is good for your business.

Humanus Consulting

Humanus Consulting is a SARL specializing in Accounting, Tax, and Business Consulting. Humanus, an international team of accounting professionals, offers all of its services under the umbrella of the Humanus Consulting Group. In all, there are over 30 services that include an annual turnover of 6 billion euros, with more than 3,500 employees and a worldwide network of offices.

They are an international accounting services company. Their clients are all the top brands, such as McDonald’s, Ikea, and Nike. They want to offer you a quick and convenient service so that you can focus on your business and not on the accounting side of things. They are a group of experienced accounting professionals who want to give you the best service possible for your business.


Midway accounting firm website was founded in 1995 with the objective of listing the best accounting firms in Spain. The Midway accounting firm website for Spanish companies lists over 100 firms in the Spanish accounting sector on a single platform. Despite this early success, they were subsequently forced to sell their local office in July 2010, but have since re-established their presence in the Madrid area and now provide accounting and consulting services nationwide.

The company has offices throughout the country, but its primary focus is in Madrid. Their aim with this series is to bring you some of the best advice you can find on how to become a better income tax accountant at a low cost. This is the perfect way to get started and start making more money or saving money. When it comes to its accounting services, the company is quite successful in providing high-level accounting, tax preparation, and bookkeeping services.

Asesores JR

Asesores JR is a talented accounting firm in Spain, offering a comprehensive service to their clients from the point of access to record-keeping and accounting. The company has been working in accounting for a long time to meet client needs; since 2006 they have been working with companies in the national and international markets. Their members have more than 15 years of experience and have had many recognizable industry names and companies as clients.

They provide their clients with the best in accounting services and support while taking great care in building long-lasting relationships. Many of their businesses are customer-facing and have a high standard of service. They have been very happy with the service they have received from the accounting firm Asesores JR.


Palsolicitor is an online Accounting Firms In Spain that makes it easy for businesses to create online invoices and balance sheets. Members of the Palsolicitor network have access to a range of accounting software. Palsolicitor also offers business software that is specifically designed to enable businesses to run their businesses efficiently on their website.

They are a team committed to helping clients develop their businesses day-to-day. During the last few years, the Business Support Service of Palsolicitor has gradually been expanding into a full-service accounting firm. The professional and corporate sector in Spain means private companies and different types of institutions. Their company covers the accounting, legal, and tax processes in private sector sectors.

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Top Accounting Firms In Sweden

Sweden accounting firms provide a variety of services to their clients. However, if one is looking for quick service, a fast and efficient firm, or one with a good reputation for quality work, there is really only one choice to make. One of the main benefits of working with a local Sweden accounting company is that there is simply no lag time between your order and completion. This means that you won’t have to wait weeks or months for your accounting firm to finish its work.

We have compiled a list of the best accounting companies in Sweden that can offer you the best services. With this list, you don’t have to search through several different websites but your search is coordinated in one place. With the following list of online accounting providers, you can find the best accounting firms in Sweden. Review these companies and select one that works best for your business.

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Expand U AB

Expand U AB accounting firm in Sweden is a Swedish accounting firm based in Stockholm, Sweden. The firm was established in 1995 and has grown to a multinational company with over 50 employees. The company is focused on assisting businesses and individuals in all aspects of their business, including accounting, tax, international tax, human resources, and payroll.

With a large number of small businesses in Sweden, they can help you expand your business base. If you need a global company that you can count on to help you flourish, please contact them. Expand U AB is a financing company designed to help you take your business from being a dream to a reality.

Prycis Redovisning AB

Prycis Redovisning AB is a Swedish accountancy firm located on the southern border of Sweden, in the Swedish region of Norrland. The company was established in 1996, and since then they have grown to become the leading Swedish accounting firm with more than 200 offices worldwide. They offer not just accountancy training, but also accounting consulting and advisory services.

These services are offered to small and medium-sized companies and individual investors and investors have many different ways to seek their services. The company is famous for its different services provided to the private sector including corporate and government accounts, taxation, and financial advising. To know more about them and for a free consultation, please visit their website at Prycis Redovisning AB.


Melitea is an accounting firm that specializes in accounting and financial services in Sweden. They have a powerful and experienced team of professionals who provide tax and consulting services. Their business solutions are tailored to your needs and budget. They serve all types of clients, they have been operating here in Sweden since 2005. Contact them to have a look at their service.

Founded as a small accounting firm, Melitea has developed into a business with offices all over Sweden, Europe, the US, and beyond. With Melitea leading the way in reporting, Melitea allows small and medium-sized businesses to be on a leading stage with all their accounting needs.

Grant Thornton Sweden

Grant Thornton Sweden is a full-service accounting firm with over 150 offices in Sweden and Norway. Their offices are located in Vasteras, Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo, and Oslo, so you’re never more than a few hours away. They have expertise in order to provide their services to clients from businesses of all sizes from small businesses and start-ups to large corporations.

Grant Thornton Sweden also provides services like performing tax audits and tax planning advice. The company and its Swedish offices are in Stockholm, Uppsala, and Gothenburg in Sweden. If you are the latest in the Swedish business world and you want to be well known and respected, then a career in accounting is a good idea.

Revideco AB

Revideco AB is an online accounting startup, which use cloud technology to create unique and useful accounting solutions for their clients. Revideco AB is a Swedish accounting startup with offices in Stockholm, and its innovative and unique solutions allow the company to offer specific features to its clients. They have been involved in various innovative lead generation campaigns and have been regarded as the leader in the niche field of lead generation for over a year.

They offer a number of services, including prospecting and recruitment. In the oil and gas industry, just like any other industry, there are a number of dangers associated with working alone. However, with Revideco AB you can be sure that you’re working with a company that is professionally managed and is dedicated to serving your needs.


Swedish accounting firm Deloitte is one of the en, almost professional accounting firms in Sweden they are everywhere in Sweden. They are also one of the biggest corporate auditors, and they also have multiple divisions that specialize in many different areas. Here’s a quick rundown of the five areas of accounting that Deloitte is experienced in: The Accounting and Tax Department – The Accounting and Tax Department of Deloitte handles all aspects of tax and audit.

Companies are audited by Deloitte for a background check for their financials, including taxes and the legal system. Deloitte firmly believes that using an innovative approach to accounting and tax planning, can help its clients do better, more quickly, and with greater control.


Visma is a Swedish accounting firm that boasts more than 300 years of history, experience, and expertise in its field. They have been around since 1733 and their clients include the top international companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Krones, and Commerzbank. There are two main areas of Visma’s focus, which are auditing and payroll.

If you are an independent worker or business owner in Sweden and want to work visa-free or work visa-on-arrival, you can do it with Visma Accountancy Firm. These include, but are not limited to, financial statement preparation and analysis, double-entry accounting, tax planning, legal and consulting services. So far Visma has had a notable reputation.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is one of Sweden’s largest privately held corporations. They are the largest company in the world responsible for the provision of accounting and financial guidance to international companies. They have a long history of providing accounting services in Sweden. Since the year 2000, accounting firms in Sweden have been using Grant Thornton for their books and the IT of their businesses.

For decades, Swedish firms have been using Grant Thornton for accounting and tax preparation services in Sweden. In the year 2006, Swedish accounting firms began to use Grant Thornton for tax preparation services because of their new development.

Krona Stockholm

Krona Stockholm Consulting is a Swedish accounting firm with four locations in Sweden. If you are searching for an established accounting firm in Sweden that specializes in business, tax consulting, and tax planning, this is the company for you. They offer traditional accounting, tax planning, and essential advice that can help you grow your business.

The company is a global leader and provides consulting, risk management, accounting, and tax services to businesses, financial institutions, and high net worth individuals. Krona is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in the capital markets section and is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm in the secondary market area.


BDO is the world’s leading accounting firm and one of Sweden’s largest consultancy firms. BDO is also the second-largest accounting and consulting firm in Switzerland, situated just outside of Geneva. In comparison to other Scandinavian countries (which have a smaller focus on accounting), Sweden only accounts for a tiny amount of the global market and it is still one of the largest accounting firms in Sweden.

Working in a BDO firm can be rewarding both creatively and financially. As a result, it’s no surprise that the number of employees in Sweden who work for BDO firms includes a high proportion of women. More than half of Swedish companies are run by men and fewer than 10% of the firms work by women. When working for a BDO firm, either in Sweden or abroad, you need to be aware of the cultural diversity inherent to the business.

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Top Accounting Firms In Sri Lanka

Since the island nation of Sri Lanka was established as a British colony in 1815, there has been a longstanding tradition of running an accounting firm in this country. Now, for some reason, many people in the financial industry are abandoning the island country by moving to the more prosperous countries of South East Asia. It is not uncommon for any small business to experience financial challenges. Some people might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities and opportunities that come with being a new business owner.

However, many people are not aware of the different accounting firms in Sri Lanka. No matter how big your business or how small your budget is, it pays to know the accounting firms in Sri Lanka and which are the best ones to choose. Accounting firms that take a variety of approaches to innovation are vital. So here are some of the highest-performing accounting firms in Sri Lanka.

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Quick Monday

Quick Monday is a cloud-based accounting firm that specializes in business structure and management. Quick Monday understands the importance of a well-established and efficient accounting system for your business. As a leading accounting firm in Sri Lanka, they have been helping clients manage their business from within the cloud.

Quick Monday is a fairly new company that has been operating for the past 3 years. They have been producing content for them for the last 12 months, and they have had a chance to get to know the owners and team behind the company. They have a good eye for content and a strong desire to produce quality content. Quick Monday is not a small company, but they are still a very new company vying for their own piece of the pie.

Info mate Pvt Limited

Info mate Pvt. Limited is a fully established company in Sri Lanka with a wide range of activities and services in Accounting, Auditing & Taxation. They have a team of experts, multilingual in English, French, and their mother tongue, Sinhala. Info mate Pvt. Limited has a strong emphasis on organizing seminar-related events, training, and conferences for its clients.

Info mate is a leading information and directory provider for accounting companies in Sri Lanka. In advance of entry on the web, they established an internet task force to monitor and assess internet directories, and then create them on a regular basis. All information will be brought in searchability, tax determination, and citation format, and will be published in the internet directories’ ‘main listing’.


AcrilSEO is a reputable, online accounting firm located in Sri Lanka. The work of an accounting firm is to formulate and maintain financial records for businesses. Something that business owners have to keep in mind when preparing for an accounting firm’s audit or recertification process is how to provide them with accurate, complete, and timely financial records. It is also important that the accounting firm receives the information they need in order to prepare accurate and timely financial reports.

Dayananda & Samarawicrama

Dayananda & Samara wicrama (DS&S) Accountant Firms in Sri Lanka are the best in the business in terms of professionalism and knowledge of accounting. Because they were founded by two Accountants, LS, they deliver exactly what they say they will do. They are very transparent in their marketing and explain how they will do it. Their website design is simple to navigate and they have an extensive selection of accounting software to help you prepare all your financial needs.

Dayananda (Lanka Business) works with a leading accountancy and tax firm in Sri Lanka, having more than 10 years of experience in business finance, taxation, and accounting. Dayananda brings the latest financial and accounting knowledge to its clients. In addition to this, Dayananda assists its clients in developing and implementing formal accounting systems to enhance business operations.


Biz-Elevator is a leading platform to help, Public and Private Companies and Individuals in Sri Lanka. Biz-Elevator can be a good choice for any business that’s looking for quick access to the essential information needed to start and run a successful business. Biz-Elevator can help them find the right way to work and operate their business.

Biz-Elevator Accounting firms in Sri Lanka would like to invite you to apply for their Biz-Elevator Accounting vacancies. They are looking for professionals who have genuine sales and management experience. To start the process, they require you to submit your CV, cover letter, and 3-2 page business plan. The last requirement is a personal statement.

Actuals Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Actuals Lanka (Pvt) Ltd has been extremely successful in the ever-growing Sri Lankan business space. In 2009, Actuals Lanka was the first Sri Lankan company to launch a global property operation with the acquisition of a 25% stake in the UK property development company, Primus Capital. In addition to this, Actuals Lanka is the largest publicly listed Sri Lankan private company.

They are a full-service accounting firm in Sri Lanka. They work with a broad range of clients in the financial services industries both in Sri Lanka and abroad. They are an emerging and growing CPA firm in Sri Lanka. They are looking forward to working with you and helping you grow as a business.

Moorland Consultancy

Moorland Consultancy is a leading accountancy firm, specializing in the management of insurance, pensions, and wealth management services since 1985. Moorland Consultancy strives to provide excellent service to its clients. Since it has been a long-established company, they have great confidence in their qualification to provide you with the services that you need and are prepared to pay for all their services and counsel.

Moorland Consultancy is one of the major accounting and professional services firms in Sri Lanka. Moorland Consultancy also offers Training for Accounting Professionals and is one of the top accounting firms in Sri Lanka.

Accounting Consultancy

Accounting Consultancy is a leading accounting firm located on the island of Sri Lanka with a particular focus on the manufacturing industry and production. While accounting and financial consulting firms in Sri Lanka may seem like a very big industry in the country, most of them are small businesses that are run by their owners. There are many companies in Sri Lanka that are run by people who make a living solely from their accounting and financial consulting business. It’s important to find a good partner in your accounting and financial consulting business.

Accounting Alliances Pvt. Ltd.

Accounting Alliances Pvt. Ltd. is a leading accounting firm in Sri Lanka, providing investors with globally recognized services at affordable prices. Accountancy firms are a major part of the financial sector in Sri Lanka, where the majority of public and private sector enterprises report their accounts to their company. Accounting firms in Sri Lanka are a major source of revenue to many companies and organizations.

But there are many pitfalls when it comes to choosing a Financial Services company. A well-managed company will require a large number of financial services and accounting as well as face significant challenges when it comes to the legal requirements of financial products. It is important to note that many public companies in Sri Lanka have been accused of being fraudulent and/or using false accounting methods.

Aegis Services Lanka Pvt Ltd

Aegis Services Lanka Pvt Ltd, a company that specializes in accounting, finance, and consulting services and works in Sri Lanka. They are a management consultancy and accounting firm providing services for multinational companies as well as local businesses and private individuals. Aegis Services Lanka Pvt Ltd (ASL) is a leading accounting firm in Sri Lanka with a solid track record of working with both small to large-scale businesses. They serve many prominent accounting firms and other accounting firms in Sri Lanka. They are well versed with the latest technology and provide a quality service to their clients at the most affordable price.

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Top Accounting Firms in Ireland

Every business, no matter how large or small, needs accounting services. Business owners probably don’t want their company to run into financial difficulties. To protect companies from financial uncertainty, top accounting firms in Ireland are needed. We have put together a list of businesses that can provide you with online accounting services in Ireland. These companies will provide the best support for accounting. It is difficult for a business owner to spend hours looking for every operation; therefore, an accounting firm comes in handy.

These best accounting companies in Ireland offer a wide range of accounting services for businesses, including bookkeeping, tax, auditing, management, and overall accounting services. Whether you are a small business owner or are part of a large corporation, it is vital to have the right accounting firm on your side. Accounting firms will provide you with invaluable assistance. Choosing an accounting firm that takes a variety of approaches to innovation is imperative.

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Accounting Technicians Ireland

Accounting Technicians Ireland (formerly IATI) is Ireland’s leading professional organization. Founded in 1983, they offer an internationally recognized business qualification and promote the highest educational, technical, and ethical standards for their members. They educate, support, and represent over ten thousand people working in the profession on this island.

Accounting Technicians accounting firms in Ireland (ATI) is a division of the Association of Self-Employed Accountants (ASEA), and as such, they work with many companies that are HSE regulated or have similar requirements, which includes the regulations around payroll and accounting systems. They deliver a wide range of quality services to companies with a wide range of needs.

The Noel Group

Noel Group is one of the leading accounting firms in Ireland. It is the most experienced in its field and has helped many well-known companies like Boots, Shell, Tesco, Unilever, and many others with their critical accounting needs throughout Ireland’s history. Noel Group has been a trusted advisor to top businesses since 1967. Noel Group is one of Ireland’s leading accountancy firms, acting for more than one thousand clients across both the public and private sectors. Noel Group has a strong reputation for delivering excellent client service and outstanding accounting services. Noel Group’s clients include all types of businesses; from small to large, public and private sectors.

Accountant Online

Accountant Online Ireland is a full-service Accountancy firm offering Professional services to individuals and businesses, who have a very high level of needs in Accountancy, Taxation, and Business Law. They have established themselves as one of the leading accounting firms in Ireland, having been set up in 2012. They have grown to become the largest Accountancy Firm in Ireland.

Accountant Online is the leading online accounting company for Ireland. They have been a leading provider of Online Rates and Payments solutions, accounting products, and services. They specialize in all areas: Financial Accounting, Tax Preparation and Reporting, Payroll, P&L reporting, and more. With a strong presence in the digital and offline space, they have built their presence in online and digital payments and online rates.

RBK Chartered Accountants

RBK Chartered Accountants are an independent and unique Chartered Accountants firm that specializes in auditing, taxation, financial planning, and wealth management. Founded in 1985 and established by Michael Keogh, the Chartered accountant firm is based in Co Roscommon. They are committed to delivering their customers with a client-driven approach and individual service from top-quality professionals. RBK Chartered accountants are specialist asset management accounting firms in Ireland.

They are recruiting for an Asset Manager to join their team. The successful candidate will have responsibility for the daily management of various asset classes; including equities, fixed income, and commodities. The job will require the automatic generation and control of transactions, transactions for bookkeeping purposes, and regular management of financial statements.

IFAC Ireland

IFAC is the annual trade association for accounting and financial services in Ireland, providing an important platform for the growth and development of Irish companies. This site is dedicated to Irish Accountants in the IFAC Ireland corporate structure. They hope to provide you with valuable information on how to make the most of your work experience and also show you how to market yourself as an Irish Accountant. They also provide you with information on topics such as actuarial science, taxation, international tax, and much more.

Lewis & Co. Accountants

Lewis & Co. is one of the leading accounting firms in Ireland and has been there ever since the company was set up by James Lewis over a century ago. James Lewis had been working as a tax adviser in London. He wanted to know more about accounting, so he left London with his wife and went to Scotland, where he set up a company called Lewis & Co. The Lewis & Co. was the first accounting firm in Scotland. Lewis & Co. is an accountancy firm specializing in the financial sector and all areas of accounting, auditing, and tax. Their firm specializes in providing accounting services for a number of Irish companies, organizations, and individuals.

Accounts Advice Centre

The majority of their clients come to them through referrals and recommendations, as they have many years of experience and success in providing accounting and tax services to professionals, high net worth individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Their business has expanded to include estate planning and succession planning over the years.  Their practice has evolved since 1996 to meet the ever-changing needs of their diverse clientele.

They provide a reliable and modern service. This is a very fine website for the Irish accounting firms, accounting firms in Ireland, and the companies that are accounting firms in Ireland. The website is well organized by categories such as corporate tax, company taxation, and company tax, company reports, tax strategies, and self-employed accounts. You can also find links to other websites in the category to avoid tax, to pay it.

Clear Group Accounts & Payroll

Clear Group is one of Ireland’s leading and most reputable accounting firms. They have been in business since 1957 and they have expanded and diversified over the years to become the full-service accounting firm of choice. Clear Group offers payroll, tax, and accounting services to local and multinational companies in Ireland. They have over 20 years of experience and expertise in these fields.

It is their goal to serve and support you. Businesses are encouraged to work with them because they want to see you succeed. You can rely on them for the processing of payrolls, tax returns, or accounting functions. Let the journey begin.

ASL Accountants

ASL Accountants in Ireland are a fast-growing business amongst the Irish service industry. Their company has a large number of high-quality accountants, tax advisors, and tax consultants in the country that specialists in the following fields: tax planning, current affairs, taxation, corporate governance and trusts, and estates.

If you require professional services like tax advice, tax planning, or insight, you can rest easy knowing that ASL Accountants are the right team for you. ASL accounts and a range of accounting firms in Ireland from which to choose, ASL is always available to help and guide you in the increase of your business success. Whether you are a small business or a major corporation, ASL can provide you with low costs, no hidden charges, and no hidden fees.

TRA Professional Services

TRA International, Ltd. is a professional accounting firm based in Dublin, Ireland. They provide full-service financial and business consulting services to their clients including international law firms, private banks and exchange offices, SMEs, corporates, and management consultancies. They work with clients to help them improve their financial performance and to help them grow their businesses.

TRA companies are also becoming very popular as an excellent complement to a plumber/electrician company for clients. People mostly use their own servicemen or women to do the work and they are very cheap. However, this is like providing a service to the public, not a profitable business to the serviceman or woman.

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