Top Accounting Firms in Bangladesh

There are many companies that claim to provide accounting services in Bangladesh if you search for them on Google. We have listed some companies below to help you find the best Accounting Firms in Bangladesh:

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ProAms is a Business Consultancy house specializing in Search, Selection, Placement, HR Business Process Outsourcing, as well as service providers for client organizations interested in effective management of their intellectual capital. Clients’ ultimate goal is to improve their performance in a distinctive, substantial, and lasting manner.

ProAms provides a range of services to meet its clients’ employment and business needs. Increasingly, amateur activities that are conducted to professional standards are increasingly important to society and the economy. The concept of leisure for ProAms goes beyond passive consumption to include active participation. In this case, the knowledge and skills deployed are publicly accredited, often accumulated over a long career that has involved sacrifices, successes, and frustrations.

MAK & CO. Chartered Accountants

MAK & CO is a member of SANTA FE Associates, USA, a global company with 130 offices around the world, and a member of the prestigious Forum of Firms of IFAC. In addition to providing audit, tax, enterprise risk, outsourcing accounting services, financial advisory, and consultancy services to a wide range of local and multinational clients, they are a highly professional service provider firm.

The firm was founded in 2006 as a consultancy firm and acquired its CA license in 2014. Since then, it has grown to become one of the top service providers in Bangladesh. Besides being the only firm in Bangladesh that has been accepted as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Mak& Co. is also an ICAEW employer and trainer. They are a correspondent partner of Asia Investor, bringing ventures & investments to Bangladesh from the Asian Market. The firm has been providing services with expertise, combining both local and international resources, and has a significant presence across manufacturing, services, commercial and other services in the country.

Howlader Maria & Co.

Howlader Maria & Co Chartered Accountant is a company specializing in Accounting, Audit & Assurance, Tax & VAT, Business Consulting, and Training in Bangladesh. The firm’s objective is to assist its clients with maximizing profits and business growth by providing accounting services, tax planning, auditing, and consulting assistance.

Khan Akber & Co. Chartered Accountants

A member firm of Allinial Global, Khan Akber & Co. (KAC) Chartered Accountants is a registered audit and a next-generation full-service accounting firm in Bangladesh dedicated to actively serving Foreign Direct Investors (FDI) and foreign companies. Besides regular accounting and compliance functions, they aim to assist foreign entities in setting up business in Bangladesh and getting a smooth market entry.

Grant Thornton Bangladesh

A Grant Thornton representative in Bangladesh is Howladar Yunus & Co. and Grant Thornton Consulting Bangladesh Limited. There are 8 partners, 2 directors, and more than 150 staff at Howladar Yunus & Co., one of Bangladesh’s leading chartered accounting firms. Grant Thornton Consulting Bangladesh Limited supports the advisory venture, offering services across both operational and transactional advisory.

Mr. Noor Mohammed Howladar FCA and Mr. M. Yunus FCA, who started their independent practices as public accountants in the early 1960s, merged in 1970 as a simple business merger, which is continuing to influence the arena of professional services through the induction of new breeds of professionals.

Aziz Halim Khair Choudhury – Ahkc Uttara Office

AHKC is one of Bangladesh’s oldest professional auditing firms, founded in 1979. The company provides a wide range of risk-based internal audit services, ensuring the best solution to meet customers’ needs. Business advice and consulting, tax planning, and accounting services are among the firm’s specialties. In addition to its three Dhaka office locations, AHKC is managed by professionals with a wide range of experience.

To become the most respected independent accounting and consulting firm to serve their clients’ needs while fostering a working environment where our firm members can grow professionally and become responsible members of the communities where they do business.

Hoda Vasi Chowdhury & Co

The Hoda Vasi Chowdhury Company (HVC) in Bangladesh is one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the field. HVC has been offering high-quality financial, taxation, and management services to a diverse and successful client base operating across various industries and business segments for over 50 years. Founded in 1962 under the name and style of “A F Ferguson & Co,” a Scottish company, the firm’s practice has been guided by this vision. HVC now serves more than 1,000 clients by delivering objective, clear, and practical advice to help them grow and succeed in their chosen field by serving as a trusted auditor and advisor.

They are proud of the reputation they have built for themselves based on a history of integrity, independence, and trust.

Rahman Mostafa Alam & Co. (Chartered Accountants)

They make every effort for the enhancement and benefit of their clients. Maintaining and promoting their appreciated reputation, image, and service standards.

Providing professional services at the highest level of quality is their mission to minimize hassle for clients, stakeholders’ regulators, and ethical requirements for financial information.

To become one of the leading firms of Chartered Accountants in the country, well known for its ethical standards and competence in providing value-based taxation and advisory services to the industrial, financial, and service sectors covering the entire range of economic activities.

Trax Technologies Limited

Trax Technologies Limited has started its journey in 2004 and offers all its clientele the benefit of many years of experience in the Financial and Information Technology industry. In addition to providing best-of-breed IT products, they also offer the necessary services to their clients throughout the country. Their product and service offerings cover a wide range of technical support in Financial as well as other industry verticals.

Their commitment and quality service allow us to add value to our clients’ businesses and exceed their expectations. Trax is professionally managed by a highly qualified management team with high enthusiasm & passion for each industry segment.


Accounting service in Bangladesh has always been a key tool for the operation of businesses. Accounting has been used in various formats and stages of society since the dawn of human civilization. FM Consulting International, a prominent and renowned accounting firm in Bangladesh, offers a variety of accounting services ranging from simple tally books found in small grocery shops to large multinational companies.

In modern times, this sector has a distinct advantage due to the improvement and implementation of IT knowledge. In Bangladesh, they have made several accounting softwares and tools to make accounting services more efficient by combining qualified and experienced accountants with an in-house IT team.

E-Zone Limited

Leadership decisions are constantly being made to improve organization performance, and future goals often accompany these decisions. And that’s where and when E-Zone comes into play. Management Consulting group E-Zone offers one-stop organizational solutions to its clients. E-Zone provides innovative and value-added services that are designed to increase revenue and contain costs.

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Top Accountancy Firms In London

Businesses tend to look for accountancy services to make sure their businesses run smoothly and successfully. However, choosing the right accountancy firm is one of the challenges to overcome for the companies. There are hundreds of accountants in London, each promises to provide top quality services. Generally, an accounting firm in London may help you with audit and assurance, management consulting, risk consulting, tax, transaction and capital management, and more. Also, different accountancy firms deal in several different industries. Anyway, we have compiled a list of top accountancy firms in London based on their repute and quality of their services. So, here are our top 10 picks:

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1.AccounTax Zone

AccounTax Zone is easily the pick of the list. It is the most trusted and well-reputed accounting firm in London providing top notch services to businesses. It is a group of highly qualified, expert and experienced professionals who promise to provide cost-effective solutions. With the help of their consultancy and services, you can conveniently manage your financial matters. They can assist businesses with their annual accounts, keeping track of business finances, and seeking innovative business solutions. They can take your financial management to the next level and help your business grow without any hassle. They partner businesses in their tax and financial management!

2.Moore Kingston Smith

Moore Kingston Smith, sometimes known as Moore UK is one of the top firms in London specializing in offering audit services, tax services, and more. They can give you guidance and help, tailored to your requirements. They have a team of professionals with expertise in tax and financial matters.


Haysmacintyre is a well-known accountancy firm based in London. They provide an extensive range of services, including audit and assurance, risk management, tax services, payroll services and much more. They take pride in their team of financial and tax experts who can help businesses in handling their financial matters in a professional and convenient manner.

4.City Chartered Accountants

City Chartered Accountants promise to bring a fresh approach to accountancy. Their area of expertise includes audit and assurance, corporate finance, taxation, management accounting, and specialists market. It is a progressive firm comprising tax advisors and business advisors with years of professional experience.

5.AAziz & Co. Accountants & Tax Consultants

AAziz and Co. are the accountants and tax consultants who believe in the ease of their clients. They help their clients in learning and using accounting software to help themselves. Also, they offer special packages for the startups. In fact, they help small businesses in better financial and taxation management.

6.Carbon Accountancy

Carbon Accountancy has offices in London as well as other parts of the UK. They are top consultants in the UK for all accounting and financial matters. Their all-inclusive services include business audits, tax services, payroll services and more. They have a great experience of handling many projects and can be a good choice for businesses in Londons to seek assistance from.

7.Wellden Turnbull

Wellden Turnhull is one renowned accounting firm in London offering all-inclusive accountancy services. It is an independent group of tax advisors, chartered accountants, and statutory auditors. They have their offices in Surrey and London. Their comprehensive range of tax services and accounting services will give you the business support you need.

8.Howlader & Co.

Howlader and Co. have more than 50 years of experience in assisting businesses in Londons. They have helped businesses of all industries and is a group of dynamic chartered accountants. They specifically assist startups and LLP formations. Their area of expertise includes taxation compliance, annual accounts, bookkeeping, payroll services and more.


Brebners is a group of expert accountants. They are among the top business advisors and tax consultants, making Brebners a leading accounting firm in London. They assist individuals and corporations in audit, accounts, taxation and more. They can help you in resolving tax disputes and run your businesses in a smooth way.

10.Arnold Hill & Co LLP

Our last pick for the list of top accountancy firms is none other than Arnold Hill and Co. It is a group of personal accountants and business accountants, and they offer comprehensive financial services. They provide bookkeeping services, tax services, accounts and audits, payroll services and a lot more.

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Top Accounting Firms in Albania

Many businesses seek out accountancy services to ensure that their businesses run smoothly and successfully. One of the challenges that companies need to overcome is choosing the right accounting firm. Albania has hundreds of accountants, each claiming to offer top-quality services. In Albania, you can typically find accounting firms providing audit and assurance, management consulting, risk consulting, tax, transaction, and capital management, among other services. Various accounting firms cater to multiple industries as well. Having said that, we have compiled a list of the most reputable and high-quality accounting firms in Albania. These are our top 10 picks:

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TPA Group

In Central and South-Eastern Europe, TPA Group is one of Albania’s best-known tax advisory and accounting firms. TPA Albania offers tax advisory, accounting, auditing, and advisory services in Tirana and worldwide.

To find the best solution, only those who are on an equal footing with each other and who can relate to each project will succeed. Here’s what Face to Face Business is all about, and how it’s put into practice. Daily, on a regional and international scale. With a focus on tax consulting, accounting, and auditing.

LLF Legal and Tax

LLF provides legal services to both individuals and businesses. Their expertise enables them to provide their clients with comprehensive legal services both domestically and in the region.

They provide legal & tax consultancy, generally specialized in business law, company registration, commercial transactions, domiciliation, litigation, representation, property management, accounting, payroll, etc. They are working closely with the clients to ensure that they provide them with timely and accurate advice.

ZLA Consulting

ZLA Consulting, a professional business consulting firm, was established in 2012 and is now one of the most well-known in the industry. Their team consists of about 15 professionals, including attorneys, accountants, and consultants.

ZLA Consulting offers a wide spread of professional services such as: Legal, accounting, auditing, tax consultancy, and other services in order to help your business to grow to start from small to VIP businesses in different sectors such as trade, services, Fason, etc.


AS|AS is a Tirana-based, integrated financial services firm, offering deep sector expertise in audit, financial reporting, corporate valuation, tax advisory, and credit analysis to some of the most prominent companies in Albania.

ILD 99 Audit

I.L.D.-99 audit is one of Albania’s first independently owned audit firms, with a long history of success. Mr. Kamberi, who has 6 years of experience as a practicing accountant, founded ILD-99 Auditing in 2003. There was an almost complete legal vacuum in the auditing field when the business began.

G&A Consulting Shpk

In Albania, the tax system is constantly evolving, making managing your tax affairs a challenge but an essential part of your financial planning. With today’s fast-paced tax environment, they can help you and your business save time and money, as well as reduce your risk exposure.

What they offer:

  • Planning & Preparation of Tax Returns
  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Collaborations
  • LLC
  • Use and Sales Tax Returns for Payroll
  • Inheritance tax
  • Buying/Selling a Business and its Tax Effects

MB Consulting

The MB Consulting company is a privately owned and operated professional services provider based in Tirana, Albania. The company provides accounting, business advisory, legal, IT, and property valuation services to a wide range of clients. As a business, they believe in providing high-quality, proactive services, and delivering intelligent, practical solutions to a constantly changing marketplace.

They understand that access to the right professional advice at the right time can make a difference for their clients. They also believe that trust and open communication underpin a successful working relationship. Their aim is to be a trusted member of your decision-making team in order to understand where you are now, where you want to be and how they can help you get there. The considerable depth of in-house expertise and their hands-on approach enables them to understand and work with their clients in dealing with the many challenges and opportunities they face today.

Doing Business Albania

A business-oriented legal, tax, and supportive service offered by Doing Business Albania helps foreign entrepreneurs invest in Albania. They are not just a law firm; they provide to their clients all the possible assistance they need to become fully operational and grow into a strong, stable enterprise, by providing a comprehensive list of services that aim to establish your business activity in Albania, from the registration in conformity with the applicable laws, to becoming fully operational. Their legal services are provided in cooperation with the renowned law firm Vision Consulting Albania, specializing in assistance to foreign clients and immigration services.

Creative Business Solutions (CBS)

CBS is a business consultancy and project development firm with cross-border operations in other Western Balkans countries. Through CBS, over 88 Million in capital financing has been mobilized to support Agro/Tourism SMEs, resulting in revenue of $43 Million and the creation of 2,500 jobs.

CBS is a partner with businesses because this company believes that a good life and prosperous communities rely on businesses and their products.

Mirnes Consulting

The Mirnes Consulting company is located in Tirana, Albania, and specializes in business and management consulting. The company specializes in providing customized business and management consulting services and business solutions for growth in the areas of business management, strategic planning, sales and sales strategy, marketing research, marketing planning, marketing implementation, training and coaching, human resources, and mass communication.

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Top Accounting Firms In Italy

Some of the top accounting firms in Italy can be found in the Umbria region, the Marche, and the Lazio area. In order to determine which firms offer the best accounting services, you can consult a local business directory or contact these companies directly. The most common international and local accounting firms will often use the same names for their services. International companies will often have different names for their services. Italian companies will often be named after their city.

With this list, you don’t need to search through several different websites, but all of your accounting needs are coordinated in one place. With this list, you don’t need to search through several different websites, because we have listed the best accounting companies in Italy. The following list of online accounting providers includes the best accounting firms in Italy. Review these firms and choose one that works best for your business.

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Eric Salmon & Partners

Eric Salmon & Partners is a well-renowned accounting firm in Italy. The firm is situated in Florence, Italy. The firm has been around for more than 40 years and has an extensive client list. Most of the clients that the firm works with are in the financial services sector and that is one of the main reasons why it has chosen to work with them.

Eric Salmon & Partners, the one-stop shop for accounting firms in Italy, has just released its list of the highest paying firms in Italy and it is a very impressive list. The list provides a total of five firms to help you find a company you will be able to work with. At that point in time, these are the highest-paid accountants in Italy, and that is no small feat.

Hager & Partners

Hager & Partners is a well-known accounting firm in Italy. It is among the best accounting firms in Italy to work for if you want to work in Italy. The company offers a full range of services that you can choose from, and they offer the best rates in the market. There are many top accounting firms located in Italy, and the best one is Hager & Partners.

This is a company that has been putting out great accounting advice and help to its clients for over 30 years. It’s always a pleasure to look at the financial reports and analyze how they stack up against the rest of the market. With all the huge competition that small businesses face nowadays, it’s good to see a firm like Hager & Partners step into the spotlight for helping small businesses.

Ldp Tax & Law

LDP Tax & Law is the leading legal reference-based accounting firm in Italy. They provide you with a wide range of services and solutions, allowing you to find the right legal accountant to handle all your accounting, banking, and tax issues. Their experienced and experienced consultancy services are widely recognized in the Italian market and they have won several awards on account of their high-quality services and commitment to excellence.

They are one of the most well-known and trusted tax & compliance service providers in Italy. LDP has a range of specialist products and services – mainly in the areas of corporate taxes, EU directives, and Tax treaties. They are the only commercial tax consultancy that is licensed by the Italian tax authorities to offer expertise in compliance with SEPA, VAT, UK Payroll, and other national directives.

Caf Acli

Caf Acli – the Italian professional accounting firms in Italy located in Milan. They offer a set of professional accounting services which they have developed over the years; committed to the development of innovative and quality accounting practices. What they offer:

  • Professional accounts
  • Accounting & tax services
  • Tax advise, tax preparation, and advice
  • Guidance and instruction on all types of tax matters
  • Tax research and help on EU-related tax matters
  • Tax advise regarding taxes in different countries
  • Tax consultancy and analysis of economic, political, and financial issues important aspects of their services are combined.

It offers also all the necessary tools, solutions, and knowledge to help you, and your company, succeed. Start from now and start attracting customers to your business. The Caf Acli team believes in providing quality services at an affordable price.

Triberti Colombo & Associati

Triberti Colombo & Associati are leading accounting firms in Italy, who have helped several large corporations and businesses in Italy. The company is formed from the collaboration of Triberti and Colombo with the goal of offering accounting solutions, for companies and businesses, with a high level of technical rigor and innovative creativity, dedicated to international and local clients.

The company “Triberti & Colombo” offers a wide range of services in accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial services. Here at Triberti Colombo & Associati, you’ll find painters, plumbers, cooks, baristas, and waiters among the people. It’s a place where professionals work and people work together, not just to make money, but also to enjoy pleasant work.


Computa is a very popular accounting firm in Italy. The company was founded in 1968. Computa offers services in administration, IT, and business process outsourcing. It offers a software-based service to aspiring and established businesses and also provides internal/external accounting solutions to public and private companies.

Computa Accounting offers its services to clients in both the public and private sectors. The group manages all aspects of the business, including accountancy, IT, finance, legal, and administration. This is a network of high-quality accounting and IT service companies who all share their expertise and knowledge in order to support their clients.

Milano Accounting

Milano Accounting, the largest accounting firms in Italy and the youngest in the European Union is now offering its services overseas, too. This is all thanks to growing demand from international clients, who have shown an increasing interest in keeping up to date with the latest trends in their industry. Milano Accounting has been able to keep ahead of the curve by creating a professional service offering that is suited to their client’s needs.

They offer their services to provide accounting to companies, businesses, and individuals for the purpose of ensuring their financial record is in order. They maintain a thorough understanding of business accounting, including the application and development of the necessary accounting information.

Dott. Fabiano Madeo & Partners

Dott. Fabiano Madeo & Partners are Italy’s leading accounting and accounting consulting companies, offering a full range of services. Dott. Fabiano Madeo is a specialist in legal and accounting services for business owners, executives, and professionals. They provide specialized legal services for business owners and businesses.

For years, they have specialized in the legal aspects of operating from Italy, but now they have developed a broader scope of services in the services field. This firm is very well known for the quality of their work and for their reliability, which is why many of their clients use them for the auditing of all their business enterprises. Another reason for choosing particular accounting firms in Italy is that their professional experience can be very useful in managing your financial end.

Studio Caretti

Studio Caretti is a tax consultancy firm operating in the heart of Italy. This multinational company employs over 60 people and has offices in Milan, Turin, Verona, Milano, and Bologna. The company offers a range of services to companies and individuals, from corporate tax advice to general tax planning consultation, and from setting up an individual’s ‘hidden taxable income’ to minimizing the administrative burden of a company’s tax returns.

Studio Caretti also offers advisory services for cross-sector businesses such as construction, engineering, pharma, and IT. The company was founded in 1952 by the family of Gino Caretti, who was a prominent accounting professional in Italy. Studio Caretti has become one of the most reputable businesses for accounting and document management.

KPMG Consulting

KPMG Consulting is one of the largest IT organizations in Italy and is highly respected for its achievements and guidance throughout the Italian economy. They have nearly two thousand staff around the world. Among their clients and competitors, KPMG Consulting has a strong reputation for integrity and excellence. KPMG Consulting is also one of the biggest accounting firms in Italy.

The firm, which is headquartered in Rome, Italy, has been able to grow continuously thanks to the organization of international work in various countries, the scope of international projects, and the opportunities for professionals in various fields. The company was established in Milan in 1990, and today, it is the largest Italian firm within the field of auditing.

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Do You Need An Accountant To Submit Limited Company Accounts?

These days, it’s straightforward to launch a limited company. You can ask an accountant to register a limited company on your behalf, use an intermediary that offers incorporation services, or register it yourself directly with Companies House.

Of course, running a limited company and dealing with the accounts is another matter. As you can imagine, keeping the correct records, recording the right information, and submitting the annual accounts to Companies House is quite an involved process.

Limited company accounts are far more complex compared with sole trader accounts, for example, and that’s why it almost always makes sense for an accountant to do that work for you. There’s no legal requirement in the UK for companies to use accountants for annual filings. But, there are numerous advantages of doing so. They are as follows:

New Company Formation

Setting up a new limited company can be an exciting time for any entrepreneur. Whether it’s a new business or you are converting from sole proprietorship to a limited company, you’ll need to register your new business with Companies House correctly.


Large companies usually arrange their payroll in-house. But, startup businesses and smaller firms will find it easier and more cost-effective to outsource that element of their accounting procedures to accountants. Payroll can be quite a daunting task for a small business owner to complete each month independently. Accountants can take care of your limited company’s payroll, ensuring all paperwork gets filed with HMRC correctly and meets all necessary regulations.

Quarterly VAT Returns

The current threshold for VAT registration is £85,000, but even if you don’t intend on making such a turnover in the first year, it could be beneficial to become VAT-registered. Companies registered for VAT must submit quarterly VAT returns to HMRC.

One of the biggest challenges that limited companies face is how VAT rules and regulations are constantly changing. Most limited companies are unlikely to know about the various changes and updates. Outsourcing your VAT returns to accountants means you don’t need to break a sweat or panic whenever your quarterly VAT return deadline looms.

Tax Returns

Limited companies must submit annual tax returns just like people do through self-assessment. They must declare to HMRC their taxable profit, even if it’s below the threshold for paying tax or they’ve made a loss. Tax returns for limited companies require detailed information to get submitted that’s different from what you’d submit to Companies House.

Annual Accounts

There’s no getting around the fact that you must submit complete and accurate company accounts to both HMRC and Companies House each year. Failure to do so could result in financial penalties and getting struck off the companies register with Companies House. In worst-case scenarios, companies could even be on the receiving end of legal action. The good news is your accountant won’t let that happen to you, and they’ll ensure the correct and timely filing of your accounts.


As with any business, you must maintain accurate records of the money you spend and receive. You might think that you could simply hire a bookkeeper to handle logging details like receipts and invoices. But, it often makes sense to have your accountant do the bookkeeping for you. They don’t typically charge more than an independent bookkeeper, and you’ve got the advantage that they already handle your company accounts and understand your business.

How Accountants Can Help Get R & D Tax Claim For Clients?

Research and Development (R&D) relief is offered by the government to support businesses that work on innovative projects in the field of technology and science. A wide range of businesses is able to claim this relief so that they can develop or research a particular advance within their field. You can even make a claim if the project has not been a success. However, to give yourself the best chance of successfully claiming, it makes sense to work with an accountant.

Why should you work with an accountant to make a claim for R&D?

A lot of businesses try to claim by themselves, and they end up being unsuccessful. This is because there are strict requirements in place regarding what does and does not count for an R&D project. Your accountant will make sure you do not waste your time by only claiming if your project is going to be eligible. Aside from this, they will ensure that your application is filled out correctly so that you have the best possible chance of being accepted.

To give you a better understanding, the work that is applicable for a Research and Development (R&D) relief needs to be part of a certain project that will make an advance in technology or science. Social science advancements, such as progressions in a theoretical study such as pure maths or in economics, are not eligible. Furthermore, it is critical that the project is carried out is related to the trade your business is involved in, or that your aim is to start-up a business based on the R&D project and the results it yields.

When you make a tax claim for R&D relief you need to explain four key things about the project. Firstly, you need to explain how your project looked for an advance in technology and science. Secondly, you need to show that the project was not something that could have been worked out by a professional in the industry with ease. Thirdly, you need to explain that the project had to overcome uncertainty, and finally, you need to show how you tried to overcome this uncertainty.

Even if you are confident that your project fulfills the four criteria mentioned, it is not always easy to put this into the right words to show that this is the case. However, accountants that have carried out many different R&D claims before will know exactly what to say to ensure that the four points mentioned above are satisfied in the eyes of the government.

Get the maximum amount of R&D credit available to you with an accountant

Not only will an accountant help you to make a successful claim, to begin with, but your accountant is also going to ensure that you get the maximum amount of Tax Claim that you are entitled to. There are various forms of Research and Development (R&D) relief available, and the amount that you are awarded will depend on the size of your business, as well as whether or not the project has been subcontracted to you or not.

For example, there is small and medium-size Research and Development (R&D) tax claim, which is designed for companies that are classified as a SME and have fewer than 500 members of staff. Moreover, you must have a balance sheet total that is less than 86 million euros or a turnover that is under 100 million euros. Aside from this, you may need to incorporate partnerships and linked companies when figuring out whether or not you classify as an SME. This is something that your accountant is going to be able to assist you with to make sure that you are making the right application.

For larger companies, you will need to claim Research and Development Expenditure Credit, known as RDEC. This is a new scheme that has replaced the relief that used to be accessible via the large company scheme, just to make matters more confusing, highlighting the need for professional guidance.

So there you have it: an insight into the benefits that are associated with using an account to make an R&D tax claim. The only thing you need to do now is getting in touch with a quality team of accountants who can process your claim for you and enable you to unlock all of the benefits mentioned above.